To document my transition, I used lolcommits, quilter, and eggchair to build TransCommits.

screenshot of transcommits

Here’s how it works:

  • Whenever I commit to a project, lolcommits takes a picture of me.
  • Whenever lolcommits takes a picture, quilter uploads it to transcommits.
  • You get to see my body evolve through the faces I make while coding.

TransCommits is all the same tech that powers where I keep my cat gifs, except that it gathers images from my coding rather than my mindlessly browsing tumblr.

You can do it too! Just follow the instructions for installing eggchair and installing lolcommits, then run this to get quilt to pick up your lolcommits:

quilt push --local ~/.lolcommits --remote YOUR_DATABASE_OR_WHATEVER

You can add --save to write that command to quilt’s config, then follow these directions to automatically pick up commit images whenever they appear.


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